Travel Protection



A vacation isn’t as big of an investment as your car or your home, however they can still be expensive. Be a smart traveler and protect your hard earned money and more!

Travel protection covers a variety of claims; unpredictable weather, trip cancellation, someone gets sick or hurt, lost or damaged luggage, travel delays, or as simple as your job gets in the way.

Carnival Cruise Line has travel protection available to cover your cruise investment. Click Here for more information. The coverage premium through the cruise line starts is based upon your cruise rate. Please note that the coverage available through Carnival Cruise Line will not cover portions of your travel package such as the pre-cruise hotel and any airfare not purchased through Carnival Cruise Lines Airfare program.

For complete coverage of your travel package, Easy Dream Vacations and Tours partners with Travel Guard. They offer travel protection plans to match your needs. You can get a quote from the Travel Guard link below or just ask us for a quote to cover your trip.

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